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Technique – Gua Sha


Gua Sha is the New Cupping!

Cupping has made it to the big time this past summer! Olympians like Michael Phelps and other top athletes and celebs have made Cupping famous. But, hey, however, what about its close cousin… Gua Sha? Turns out, this ancient healing art is doing just fine in the athlete and celeb […]

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The Fascia and the Furious – Gua Sha Time-Lapsed

“In my opinion based on years of practice, I believe Gua Sha is an energetic technique.”  — Leta Herman We hope you enjoy this fun time-lapse we like to call “The Fascia and the Furious” video of a simple Gua Sha treatment. (This treatment in “real time” took about 15 […]

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Say Yes to Gua Sha and No to Carpal Tunnel

Whenever I hear the phrase “carpal tunnel” from a client, I go to my desk and pull out my Gua Sha spoon, and just smile! Why? Because by the next time I see them, they usually aren’t talking about carpal tunnel anymore or they come in raving about how great […]

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Gua Sha Those Shin Splints Away

“My shins are killing me. I can hardly walk, HELP!” Lisa exclaimed. “And I was so excited about walking. Now I’m so disappointed that I can barely walk to the bathroom!” She went on and on. “Can you get on the table?” I asked her, as I was already heading […]

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How to Stop a Cold in Its Tracks with Gua Sha

            Gua Sha is an ancient technique that is considered a type of folk medicine, which means general “folk” would do it for their families and friends and pass it down from generation to generation. There was no real formal training back then. Families just […]

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Gua Sha in action video

Gua Sha Should Not Hurt Learn Gua Sha

  It always saddens me to hear someone say that they had Gua Sha done, and it was very painful. Or they are sore for days after a session they received from someone. Gua Sha need not ever be very painful. If done right, at most it may cause a […]

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What is Gua Sha?

Leta Herman with Gua Sha spoon

Gua Sha is an ancient pain-relieving healing technique that releases stuck energy from beneath the skin to promote Qi and blood flow. The basic Gua Sha technique that I like to teach to new students, is relatively simple and anyone can do it! Using a Gua Sha tool, such as a […]

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