The Not-So-Smart-Phone Neck

This is the era of the smart phone (iPhone, iPad, Android)… it doesn’t matter what type of device it is, overuse is just not smart!  They all have one thing in common… we spend a ton of time looking down! Look up for a minute and look around you! Everywhere […]

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Circles of gold…and purple. Cupping goes to the Olympics!

It’s all over the news…Olympians like Michael Phelps are showing off their purple cupping marks to the public! Everyone is abuzz with questions and concerns about this (ahem) “NEW” technique. New? How about 2,000 years old “new”? Chinese Medicine has been cupping people for thousands of years. Most of the […]

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Why Chinese Medicine and Gua Sha are Amazing for Arthritis

In order to understand why Chinese Medicine can help heal arthritis, it’s important to first understand the theory of why arthritis happens in the first place. This is a very simplified version for this blog post. I could write about this all day. Chinese Medicine theory believes that our bodies have […]

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Spoon Your Way Out of Pain TODAY!

Everyone deserves to know about Gua Sha. Gua Sha is a technique that is little known in the West, but that we truly believe YOU need to know about if you are interested in being healthy and happy. This simple technique can make your life (and those around you) more […]

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Who put the Sha in Gua Sha?

Who Put the Sha in Gua Sha

Gua Sha is thousands of years old, but no one knows exactly how old or exactly where it was created. (At any time you can sign up to watch our free short video on the history of Gua Sha…) Who invented Gua Sha?  Where did it come from? What does […]

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Seeing Red?!

Seeing Red with Gua Sha Learn Gua Sha

 #GuaSha mostly brings out redness. But what about other colors? Light red: if the red is very light, it might be that there’s not much to release or the person is blood deficient. Check to see if their tongue is very pale to confirm whether that’s true. Red: The issue […]

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