Learn Gua Sha for Massage Therapists NCBTMB CE Hours


We are pleased to announce our new online Gua Sha course for massage therapists and healers is up and running full steam. We are just so happy with all the positive energy we are getting about this course. Wow!  Thank you everyone! Check it out if you want to add some oompph to your massage practice.

Massage Therapists can receive 3 CE NCBTMB Hours for the course.Gua Sha NCBTMB Certification

The Learn Gua Sha course provides online instruction through over 45 hours of video. You will learn how to perform Gua Sha effectively and safely. While The Big “Little” Gua Sha Book provides valuable background material for learning Gua Sha, this class will show you how to perform Gua Sha with real clients in a real clinical setting.

So why learn Gua Sha? We are so passionate about Gua Sha and want to help others learn all about it. So we put together this mini-Ebook to help you understand why you should consider learning Gua Sha.